New Zealand Festival

Green Tara Empowerment & Teachings on Eight Steps to Happiness

AT THIS YEAR’S FIRST NZ FESTIVAL we welcome Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong to grant the blessing empowerment of Green Tara. Tara is a female Buddha, the beautiful embodiment of fearless enlightened wisdom. Tara means ‘liberator’ in that she liberates all beings from all fear and suffering. The empowerment is a blissful guided meditation through which we make a deep connection with Tara’s enlightened mind. Through receiving her powerful blessings we can swiftly actualize our own potential for fearless wisdom and compassionate action.

THE FESTIVAL TEACHINGS will be based on the book by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso The New Eights Steps to Happiness where Gen-la Dekyong will reveal to us essential methods for transforming all life’s difficulties into valuable spiritual insights and show us how to develop love, compassion and fearless wisdom, the source of true happiness.

JOIN US for a unique spiritual holiday that will leave you feeling peaceful, inspired and refreshed for the new year. Don’t miss this perfect opportunity to invigorate your spiritual life and develop a positive approach to the year ahead.